Hansel and Gretel


I was spellbound all the way through this amazing Korean version of the story.


I want to live in this house.  I’m obsessed with the rabbit portraits. (though not those shown here–there is another set, hung in the living room, that I’m desperate to own.  I can’t seem to find information on the artist though)  (yes, I AM desperate to own two rather creepy rabbit-people portraits)

If you have any information on the artist, or where to puchase the prints, please do let me know.


It’s available on Netflix instant view.  I highly recommend it for those who love visually rich, beautifully told, rather creepy fairy tales.


Especially if you’re an Asian horror fan (you know who you are, and if you’re one of us, you understand the importance).  I love all things scary, am a particular fan of Asian horror, and when a well known fairy tale is added (though, here, only VERY roughly) you can count me in.


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