Apologies all around (once again).  Things have been so busy around here, my poor little corner of the web has been severely neglected.

Custom work has continued to roll in, it’s the time of year to get my vegetable garden in order, I’m working on a number of collaborative projects, and all the rest of life’s daily routine.

I’m really just sneaking in today to share some images of a recent photo shoot I did for a friend of mine who designs some of the most lovely and unique jewelry around.  You can find her shop here:


I got to play photographer, took the beautiful NancyJane ( and high-tailed it out to the lakefront.


It was a blast–though, I do wish the sun had made an appearance.  The resulting images, I think, turned out quite well.  Of course, as I keep telling people–it doesn’t take much skill to get good pictures of a gorgeous model wearing beautiful jewelry!

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