TnT Tuesday


TnT (Trapped In Time) Tuesday!  Featuring recent additions to my etsy shop, and a bit of info on the items.  Thought I’d try something new.


This is a beautiful red silk-blend floral brocade bustier that is a relatively recent addition to the shop (I’m still swamped with custom orders right now, so new items are on the back burner right now).  It’s really quite beautiful in person.  I do have a bit of a weakness for brocades, especially when it’s an Asian print.


Modeled by the gorgeous Nancyjane ( and photographed by yours truly.


I have two of these currently in the shop.  One with a bust of 30-33 inches and a waist of 26-29 inches.  The other with a bust of 36-39 inches and a waist of 32-35 inches.  (you can find them here:  and here:

Fully lined in black cotton twill for durability.  I sew flexible boning into the lining of all my bustiers.  These are much more comfortable to wear than, say, a metal boned corset.  You can wear one of these lovelies all day and not feel like you’re going to cough up your spleen.


They’re made to be worn as a shirt.  The look equally lovely alone or over a coordinating tank top (my favorite way to wear them).


Bustiers were the first items I began sewing when I decided to open up an etsy shop.  There’s just something about them that I love.  They’re both vintage and modern, and can be made from just about anything.  (I love making these out of vintage band t-shirts, and one of my favorites that I EVER made was from my own vintage MAD magazine tshirt.  It was SO, SO cool)

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