Friday Favorite

I thought I’d share a favorite find of mine on Friday’s.  A mini celebration in honor of the weekend.

My first favorite find is a pair of earrings that I ordered on etsy almost FIVE (!!!) years ago.  Oh my gosh, has it really been that long?  Wow.  Time flies.

Anyway, I give you the sea anemone earrings:


I wear these earrings almost every day–they are totally my go-to pair for my first holes (I have multiple ear piercings) and I just love them so much!  I am constantly getting compliments on them, and have sent many a person to the etsy shop I purchased them from.  I hope that translated into some sales for her, because her shop is so, so, so wonderful!

It looks like she still makes a sea anemone earring, though has changed the look a bit.  Still wonderful, though!  You can find them here:

Heck, just go check out her shop, Kira Ferrer Jewelry Design here:

Those stackable rings are calling my name…..and the turquoise statement ring?  YES PLEASE.

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