Bits and Bangs

Back to the everyday workload.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time getting back to the regularly scheduled programming after our Thanksgiving festivities (and then getting sick for a week).

I have orders in, and am hoping to get a couple special dresses sewn up for my nieces in time for a special Birthday celebration–which means some overtime sewing this weekend.


This lovely tunic (technically one just like it in a different size–it was a made to order item) is on its way to the UK.  I hope it has a happy owner in its future.

I have a ready-to-ship one up in the shop right now, and it’s marked down to $56.25 from $75 for my Winter Sale:


New hair-cut yesterday–I’ve been sporting side-swept bangs for years, and just got the itch to go with the full-on blunt bang.  So far I’m in love.  The verdict is still out on how everything will look with my regular curls.  I generally don’t have the stamina to straighten my hair daily, so the only time it’s done is at the stylists, after a cut.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  I’m hoping for colder temperatures, good sewing, and getting the guest room cleared out for my sister’s impending Christmas visit!

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