Over the Weekend

Over the weekend I had my annual winter knits shoot with a couple of my favorite friends–who also just-so-happen to be an amazing photographer and hair/make up artist, respectively.  I also got to work with one of my favorite models again.  Looking forward to the final images!  I’m always so impatient for those.  I try really hard to not start asking “are they ready yet?” every few hours.

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek:


My inspiration this year had to be, ultimately, scaled waaaay down since I don’t have an old falling-down house, tons of money, or a snow machine.  I started with this idea from a Vogue Korea shoot:


Yeah….that wasn’t going to happen this year.  So, I scaled back and decided to do something similar to last years, with changes  Last year’s looked like this:


That last knit shoot produced some of my favorite ever images.  Britt of Underexposed Photography did this years shoot, too–so I can’t wait to see how amazing the images are!

Hair inspiration this year:


Make up inspiration this year–but without the crazy-creepy eyes.  I wanted her to look beautiful, but slightly frozen, going further with the frozen idea than we did last year.  (Amanda Bravender did hair and make up on my shoot–and she’s amazing, so it looked fabulous):


I can’t wait to start sharing the final images!

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