Sneak Peek

I just realized that this is my 100th post here on the ol’ blog.  Last week I got the “congratulations on your 1 year anniversary”, too.  Which took my entirely by surprise.  Granted, there were MONTHS (and months) of inactivity….but it feels like just a little while ago that I started this up.

I had intended a blog post reflecting on the year, blather blather blather, blah blah remembering, blah.  But then, THEN–my friend Britt of Underexposed Photography ( just released the first sneak peek from last week’s Dieselpunk/Steampunk shoot–and I’m pretty much in love with it.   My brain can’t really compute anything more than “PREEETTTTTYYYYYY!!” after seeing it, so big long rambling post about the past year has been sidetracked (you can send your thanks to Britt).


Clothing by Trapped In Time Designs (

Photography:  Underexposed Photography  (

Hair & Makeup:  Amanda Bravender  (

Hip belt, weapon & location:  Airship Isabella Productions  (

Models:  Nola Chick (

Amber Carollo  (

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