Busy, Busy

Things are rather busy around here, with ready-made orders and made-to-measure orders.  I’m busily re-stocking my dwindling fabric supply (well, just a few of the regulars are dwindling, the rest is still VERY MUCH there), re-ordering shipping supplies (new stickers, address labels, thank you cards, etc), cutting new orders out, sewing them together, and getting things packaged and shipped.  I’m happy for the business, and enjoying the go-go-go.

These all shipped out today for various spots around the country and globe:


We also bought a new treadmill, so that’s been playing a big part of my morning routine.  😉


I finished up “The Tale of Halcyon Crane” by Wendy Webb on audiobook yesterday.  I pretty much listen to audiobooks the entire day long–at least, when I’m in my studio.  So, I go through a LOT of them.  I was so pleasantly surprised by my parish library’s selection, both online and in-house.  I enjoyed “The Tale of Halcyon Crane”–it has most of the things I look for in a book, really–ghosts, mystery, history & a huge old fully furnished inherited Victorian home.  Put those in a book and I’m there. Though I get a wee bit jealous over the house inheritance.  I’ve always wanted to inherit a beautiful old home full of history, secret passageways and lots of STUFF.

You can find the book here:  http://www.amazon.com/Tale-Halcyon-Crane-Novel/dp/0805091408

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