I’ve been feeling overwhelmed of late.

I was down for the count last week.  Mardi Gras week.  No parades or beads for this gal.

This week, I’ve been attempting to play catch-up.  Catch-up with emails, convo’s, questions, orders, back-orders, housework, yard work, gardening…the list keeps going.

I’ve become rather overwhelmed by all the online things that need to get done each day, taking me away from the real-life day-to-day business of living my life and running Trapped In Time Designs.

With etsy, artfire, rebelsmarket, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, and the blog, I spend easily 2 hours a day online.

Not to mention the side-trips I always end up taking–the cool new shops I have to browse, the treasuries I have to make, the blogs I have to check, the fabric that needs to be purchased.

It feels like it’s all bogging me down this week.

I know it’ll get better, and I’ll get back on top of it all.

Oh, and the time change?  The time change can suck it.

Here’s to hoping YOUR week is going well, and that I’ll be back, refreshed and happy-to-be-here next week. 😉

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