TnT Tuesday


I love these crop tops.

I have a couple myself, and need to make a few more.

I’m a huge fan of layering, you see.


A friend once laughed at me, when I lamented having had a hard time figuring out what to wear one day–this is back when I had an office job.

He said–“What do you mean?  All you do is:  tank top, t-shirt, cardigan, and GO!”.

Which hit it on the head.  That really nails down my clothing–tank top, top over that and cardigan, if the second top has short or no sleeves.


Which is why these are a great wardrobe addition for me.  Tank top (possible two in contrasting colors) and crop top.  Done.  Comfortable, easy to wear, and goes with anything.

I have a few new fabrics to make some of these out of–wild prints!  PRINTS!  I never use wild prints, so I’m excited to get making them.  Once my stack of orders is diminished, that is.


You can find this one here on etsy:

Photographer: Underexposed Photography (
Model: Amber Carollo

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