Quiet Week

I’ve been taking it easy, sewing for myself and re-grouping.


I decided to put all the custom orders back up, so if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time.

I planted some sweet oat grass for Lizzie.  When it got long enough for her to chomp on, I brought it onto “her” sun-porch and she promptly climbed into it, effectively smooshing and killing all the grass in the middle of the pot. :/


I worked in the yard and found the new crop of Devil’s Horse grasshopper babies masquerading as a toupee. (I have NO idea if that’s the right name–it’s just what my family has always called them)


Also, the first of the cherry tomatoes ripened (and were promptly eaten after this picture).


I did whip up a few new items for the shop.  A pinstriped tunic top:


And a Mardi Gras peplum skirt (so out of season, but it was in the stack of things to sew):


Oh!  And I got my new ironing board cover (I treat myself to a new one every year)!


(this is from the etsy shop Compelled To Craft, and I highly recommend shopping with them–this is my third from them, and I have loved each one.  Great quality, great prints.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/compelledtocraft)

As a few orders have already rolled in today, I’ll be back to normal production work next week!  I don’t know if my self-imposed vacation was long enough…..but it sure was getting awfully quiet in the shop. 😉

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