Pinterest Wednesday

I’ve had a hard time finding inspiring images this week.

I just sat here for over 30 minutes in an attempt to beef up this post, and came away with NOTHING.




I need new boards to follow–do you have a Pinterest board I might like?  (share links in comments–PLEASE–I need more hauntingly gorgeous images in my life!)

So, it’s a meager offering this week, and all apologies for that, my dears.

But, still, GORGEOUS:

"In the Clouds" by Katherine Hannah

“In the Clouds” by Katherine Hannah

 Anderson Photography

Anderson Photography

"Underwater Visual Series" --by Ilse Moore

“Underwater Visual Series” –by Ilse Moore


**As these are images found on pinterest and similar sites, credit may not be associated with the image–if you see anything mis-credited or not credited at all, and you have more information,  please let me know.  And, of course, I claim no copyrights or rights or involvement in any of these images.

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