A Favorite

Having spent a weekend doing….well, not too much of anything (other than watching the hubby lose himself in the new “Wolfenstein” PC game—whoa, boy, that game is INTENSE), there’s not really a good picture recap to share.  There was a little gardening, a massively horrible headache, some sparkly-pink nail polish, and…..that was about it.

So, instead, I’ll share my #1 All.-Time-Favorite artist, John William Waterhouse.

St Eulalia, 1885

St Eulalia, 1885

I don’t recall when I first saw a Waterhouse image.

Ophelia,  1889

Ophelia, 1889

But I can say there’s just something I really love about the beauty in every single painting.

The Crystal Ball, 1902

The Crystal Ball, 1902

I guess I’m a romantic at heart.

The Soul of the Rose or My Sweet Rose 1908

The Soul of the Rose or My Sweet Rose

A Pre-Raphaelite lover.

Ophelia, 1910

Ophelia, 1910

I even cross-stitch Waterhouse images.

The Shrine 1895

The Shrine

They take YEARS to complete (mainly due to my sporadic interest level and only working on them in the evenings).

Miranda -- The Tempest 1916

Miranda — The Tempest

I’ve made this one:

Juliet, 1898

Juliet, 1898

And I’m currently working on this image:

Boreas, 1903

Boreas, 1903

Next on the list is this one:

Hylas and the Nymphs 1896

Hylas and the Nymphs

I can’t remember if I’ve already done a post on Waterhouse…..so, if I have, apologies.  Just bask in the pretty.

The Mermaid, 1901

The Mermaid, 1901


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