At least it’s Friday.

I was up most of the night.  For no reason, other than I do that sometimes.  I wake up in the middle of the night, and proceed to worry and think and brainstorm and toss and turn and stay awake for hours.

I felt like someone poked me in the back twice, when no one was around, this morning.

And then an old, broken, and unplugged surge protector started making horrible, loud, long beeps.

So, it’s been…..interesting around the ol’ household this morning.

I’ve been sewing away over the week, and slowly editing images from Monday’s shoot.

I’ve made ruffle leggings (now on their way to Austin, TX), a couple of child’s capelets (headed to Alberta, Canada) and a bustier (on it’s way to IL) for customer orders.

I’ve sewed up dresses and bustles and bustiers for listing in the shop.

And, as mentioned, I’ve been editing images from Monday’s little shoot–and listing the new items in all THREE of my shops (Etsy, ArtFire, & RebelsMarket).

A little peek:





Model:  Amberleighhh  (

These are my absolute favorite tops right now.  I wear one almost every day, layered with a tank top.  So comfy, and easy to wear.  I hope I’m not the only person in the world who likes them….though then I’d have a LOT to choose from…..

I still have quite a few images to edit and more new items to get listed, but I’m only doing one per day.  To save my brain.

While all this sewing has been happening, I’ve been listening to:


The Dead Room


Happy almost-weekend!

3 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I LOVE those kinds of tops (and the ones you made). Not to mention I think I just found some much needed inspiration !

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