So, I’m still alive, but wow–that instagram–so much easier!  I have this problem where, since I don’t have an iPhone, and my cell doesn’t currently have the ability to get the instagram app, I have to use the iPad.  The severely neglected iPad, that was procured solely for the purpose of taking payments at events.  The sad iPad that was, up until recently, only used for listening to audio books.  That iPad is now my constant companion.  However, I hate (with a blinding passion) typing anything longer than one or two sentences on the thing, so blogging from it is not an option.  So now I find myself in the position of having all my pictures of work in progress, etc, on the iPad, but my blogging is done from the laptop.

First World Problems, right?

So, I’ve been working up a storm, and things are starting to get crazy for Halloween already.

Which means, OF COURSE, that I came up with a new venture that I’m obsessed with.

Embroidered portraits.

I’ve finished up one so far, and have the second started.

I hope to be selling these soon–once I land on an acceptable price point, which requires making at least a couple more, to judge time actually spent.

So, this is the first one, complete and just waiting around until I can manage to get things together enough to sell–Frank N Furter!


I’m absolutely in love with this.  The one I’m working on now is Harold and Maude.

I know I need to get with the times, and maybe make something more “now”, more “with it”.  But, for my first few projects, I wanted to work on images that were my personal favorites.  That way, if I’m the only person in the whole world that things they’re cool, I’m happy to hang them on the wall.  😉

I’ll try to get back into this blogging place.  I promise.

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