So, like most of the world, I’m on pinterest (you can find me here:

While I sat here today wondering what I’d post on this Friday– this Friday that has me finishing up some orders, shipping some others, looking forward to this evening (movie night with G–and POPCORN!), doing the generally boring, everyday things–I figured I’d share some of my favorite pinterest image finds from the week.

It’s my way of doing a blog post without really doing a blog post.  I’m sneaky like that.






Friday Favorite

I recently purchased this beautiful print from peachpatrol on etsy.


Located in Australia, there was a bit of a wait for the post to get it together and get this to me.

I was almost breathless with anticipation.  I was so excited for it.

When it arrived last week, it surpassed ALL expectations.

SO SO SO amazingly beautiful in person!  Lovely little extras included in the package.

I cannot wait to get this matted and framed.

Also:  I will definitely be ordering more prints.  I just have to choose.

I’m a bit of an art hoarder.  I’m so grateful for prints–since my budget doesn’t allow for originals (yet).

We’re re-doing our living room, and I plan to pretty much have ALL the walls covered in art.  You better believe this lovely lady will have a place of honor.

Check out the shop online here:

It’s Good to be the Queen


1roy·al adjective \ˈri(-ə)l\



Definition of ROYAL


1.  a : of kingly ancestry <the royal family>

b : of, relating to, or subject to the crown <the royal estates>


c : being in the crown’s service <Royal Air Force>


2. a : suitable for royalty : magnificent

b : requiring no exertion : easy <there is no royal road to logic — Justus Buchler>

3. a : of superior size, magnitude, or quality <a patronage of royal dimensions — J. H. Plumb> —often used as an intensive <a royal pain>

b : established or chartered by the crown

4: of, relating to, or being a part (as a mast, sail, or yard) next above the topgallant

This Week

Happy 4th of July!


I’m celebrating by working. 😉  Gotta grab the time when you can.

I’m cutting out a pretty cool costume, actually.  I have the awesome task of making this costume:


Into a women’s version!  So cool!


Blueberries were out this week at my grandfathers–yum!  I froze these babies, and have been nibbling on them periodically, savoring and saving them as long as possible.


Some leggings went out early this week.


Over the past weekend I got the urge to paint–I do this every once in awhile.


I’m never as happy with the outcome as I want to be, but I love the process.

I have a whole haunted theme going, and a few paintings to complete.  Two are in various stages of completion right now, none are completely done.


I reorganized my pens/pencils/markers.  I’m a little too pleased by it.


Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day off.  If only a BBQ were in my future….sadly, the husband was called out to a job yesterday and will most likely be gone through the weekend.  And the kitties don’t grill.

Friday Favorite

Today I’m sharing something that you’ll either love or hate.


I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.


See, I have a small collection of Bradley poseable dolls from the 60s and 70s.  You know the ones–cloth, poseable arms, big eyes, flourescent make up, crazily coiffed hair.


I do regular searches on etsy for them.  Sometimes nabbing a really great deal, sometimes crying a little inside because the doll I want is beyond my price range.


One day, I ran across DolliPop Vintage’s shop and I was hooked.

DolliPop Vintage isn’t just selling your grandma’s Bradley doll.  Nosirree.  DolliPop Vintage is selling unique, one of a kind creations MADE FROM Bradley dolls.

I have a love of all things circus, and slightly creepy….yet lovely.  And, when I saw these beauties?


I had to have them immediately.

I ordered them that day, and anxiously awaited their arrival.


Meanwhile, I told everyone I could think of about them.  That was when I realized not everyone shared my love of these two little girls.  Not everyone wanted them in their own home, above their computer screen day in and day out.  Not everyone would stare lovingly at them, speak sweet nothings to them, create stories and outings for them.

To each his own, as they say.


I just cannot imagine a world without these babies of mine.  They’re simply exquisite in person–beautifully painted and seamlessly merged.

DolliPop Vintage has a a number of other beauties in the shop right now–I’m just trying to decide which one will be my next sweetheart to join the gang…..  Daisy, here, is calling my name:

But maybe I should go with Flora and Fauna…they could be the older sisters of my little sailor girls:

Check out the shop–I mean, if you’re not hiding under a table already.

Darker Side of Things


Some pretty for your Monday.


I initially started out looking for Dark Victorian inspired images, but that quickly devolved into “Ooooo!  That’s pretty!” territory.


So, you take what you get. 😉


I’m off to work on some orders, as usual.


A peplum, a tunic, and some ruffled leggings are all in my near future.


In talks with a potential customer regarding a pretty cool costume…..


Also:  totally rearranged three rooms of my house yesterday, after proclaiming I would rest and relax all day.


It’s still not done to my liking, but it’ll do for the week at least.


Was your weekend productive?


I hope so.  I hoe you have a lovely day, too–filled with random fashion images!  Oh, wait–MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Well, there, you can strike one thing off your to-do list for the day.


Friday Favorite


Amazing “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” print from Castlepop (ordered online).  Find it here:×10?ref=shop_home_active

I love the movie.  LOVE.  Kate Winslet is always a win in my book, but I actually think the movie features Jim Carey’s best performance to date.  I really prefer him when he’s tapping into that darker side of his persona.

I actually bought this originally for my sister, then turned around and ordered one for myself, too.  Like less than 10 minutes later I think.

I just had to have it.

Castlepop’s shop on etsy has a couple other pretty amazing finds–that Gob print from “Arrested Development” is calling my name….  Check the shop out here: