And then I disappeared for a few years.


In my defense, this happened:

Families Red Tea Photography Photo

Baby James caused all sorts of upheaval in my world, prompting one long and a few short vacations from the shop and sewing.  He’s almost 2 now, and I’m slowly getting back into the shop.  I’m working on the weekends and evenings, and a full time stay at home mom the rest of the week.  I’m exhausted on a level I didn’t realize existed.  Some days I cry a lot.  I question my decisions. But every day is full of laughter (sometimes through the tears), and I’m ever so slowly finding a balance, finding my way back to myself and my work.

This new situation has prompted a change in how I run my business.  I made the decision to stop taking commissions, and to instead focus on creating full size runs (in limited quantities) of costumes and dresses.  It allows me to have a bit less stress, and to work at my own pace.

I’m currently working on a small Halloween release, and I’ll be sharing sneak pics soon!

Changing Things Up

I’m hoping to break the recent cycle of my only posting when having a photo shoot to share.  I’ve actually been thinking on this for awhile–feeling constantly overwhelmed with all the things I “need” to do everyday.  So much of it seems to be online!  Stressing myself out over how many Instagram followers I have, making Facebook posts interesting, remembering to post to Tumblr regularly, posting here more than once in a blue moon, changing up all my Pinterest boards (and posting to THAT regularly),  wondering if I really DO need to get on Twitter.

I don’t want to live my life all stressed out over such silly things–even though they mean the success (or failure) of my business on a certain level.  I don’t want to drop any of them–I really love each platform for different reasons.  I love feeling connected, and getting to see what other people are up to out there in this wide world.

So I’ve decided to schedule my week better–and this includes regular posting over here, as well as a Garden Day each week, which I’m REALLY looking forward to.  My poor garden is languishing, with only some fennel and one chard plant that made it through the winter.  I haven’t even BEGUN to get the spring garden going–AND IT’S ALREADY SPRING.

So, the new schedule started this week, and it’s a raving success as of Day Two!  lol.

I’ve been busier than ever this year with orders–and that amazes me every day!  All the hard work is starting to pay off!  But it means less time to create NEW things.  Less time to grow food and flowers.  Less time to get on the treadmill or the bicycle.  Less time to just……BE.

I love what I do, and I love my life–I just want to be a little more relaxed through it all.  😉

We’ll see how it goes–I’m prone to STARTING THINGS!, and then kind of…..fizzling out on them. I think that’s normal?