Weekend Blues

Well, not really a blue weekend, per se, but all of Sunday was lost to being ill, so I feel a little robbed of my full weekend potential, you know?


Saturday brought the local Farmer’s Market, where I picked up this week’s CSA offering. This is the first year we’ve participated in a CSA (having wanted to for years, but never having made the deadline for signing up before).  Absolutely loving it!  The first tomatoes of the season were part of the offering this week–along with eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, green bell peppers, carrots and potatoes!  Big Summer Stew coming up for tonight’s meal.  Nom!


Worked on some sequining & beading for one of the bustiers that will be part of the upcoming shoot.  In retrospect, I’m not sure how well SEQUINS will show up in a photograph, but….well, it’s done now, lol.

Then Sunday rolled around, and I was in bed battling a severe headache and body pains until around 1pm.  It was awful.  Once I managed to drag myself out of the bedroom, onto the couch (still in pj’s and with half the headache hanging on), the Husband and I binge-watched the entire season of “The Devil is a Part-timer!” on Netflix–and loved it!


Here’s to the week starting, my head not trying to kill me, and a productive week ahead!  Happy Monday!

This Week

Weekly wrap-up:

I’ve been working on orders as well as items for the upcoming photo shoots–still SO excited!!

Husband has been out of town, which allows me to stock up on junk food get a lot more sewing done, since I am able to sew into the evening hours–I don’t really cook when it’s just me.




While I work, I’ve been listening to “The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty” by G.J. Meyer, and I have to say–I’m loving it!  I love history, and have always loved reading about any of the Tudors, but sometimes the books can be, let’s just say, a wee bit dry.  Not the case here–it’s so interesting, and I’m even learning things I’ve not encountered in other books!  Really worth it, if you’re a history nerd like me.


Have a fabulous weekend!

Inspiration and a Sale

My sister is coming into town next month, and we plan to (finally) get to do some photo shoots together–which is awesome and exciting and has been keeping me full of MILLIONS of ideas (at all hours of the day and night)!  She is a new photographer, focusing so far on wedding, maternity, engagement, family and senior photography.  With a big sis like me, you KNOW she has to gets to try her hand at the world of fashion/costume/editorial photography!

I have a few shoots that I’ve been planning in my head for months and those are finally getting to the “make it happen” stage.  I’ve been gathering ideas, writing (too many) lists, losing said lists, writing NEW lists, cutting out, imagining, re-imagining, drawing and just generally being a crazy pants.

Inspiration for a couple of the shoots–I feel like both are departures for me, being that neither focuses too much on costume-costumes (it’s a thing in my head).  I’m so excited for these!!!



*Images gathered via Pinterest–I do not own or claim ownership of ANY of these.  By the time I found them, no artist names were associated, so if you see your work please contact me with info so that I can properly credit you.  I love Pinterest, but it makes it entirely too easy for someone’s hard work to get out there on the net with no link back to the creator.

Also–I’m feeling the need for a bit of a clear out and have been adding new items to the shops Clearance section–and I’ve put EVERYTHING in that section at 50% off original price!


This Week

As mentioned, I’ve been sewing like a mad-woman, getting ready for Sunday’s (SUNDAY!!!) shoot.

I’ve not snapped too many photos.

Well, I have, but I can’t share them all.  I’m hell-bent on creating a video of the process of putting this shoot together, so I’m hoarding images I’ve been taking.  It’ll be more of a slideshow set to music….but I’m calling it a video.  I might even call it a MOVIE.  A FILM.  I’ll be a Filmmaker, and pick up smoking again.

Or I’ll just make a slideshow to music and call it a day.

Probably the latter.  I’m tired.

So, anyway.  Sewing!  This:


Turned into This:


And This is technically from last week, but it was in my pictures folder so HERE:


Also:  the giraffe dress has shipped off to its new home!


I’ll miss it.  *sniffle*

The Weekend

Shots from over the weekend:

Working on some sideshow-banner-inspired artwork for an upcoming shoot:


This is the second one, which you can barely see (even with the wacky editing filter I used), but I had to share it due to the Buster Keaton photo-bomb:


The arugula in the garden was just BEGGING me to make one of our fav salads, Arugula-Fennel:


Requisite Garden Photos:



We worked a lot in the yard, as evidenced by the mountain of limbs/fronds/weeds that we left behind: