So, I missed Monday’s post…..and then I missed yesterday’s post. For no good reason, I assure you. I’m not out enjoying the sun (gah! too hot!!). I’m not out enjoying my garden (gah! too hot!!). I’m not even out doing glamorous photo shoots (gah! too hot!!).

You may have noticed a theme here.

I moved down to Louisiana almost 7 years ago, from Minnesota. I’d spent my summers here since I could remember, and spent my first few years of life here (which I DON’T remember), so the heat in the summer was not a surprise. And, while I hate sweating (which I do in copious amounts, I assure you), I hate 7 months of un-ending tundra-like, nose-hair-freezing, trying-to-kill-you cold even MORE.

But, still. You guys, it’s HOT. It’s go-out-to-turn-the-sprinkler-on-so-the-garden-doesn’t-die-and-come-back-inside-a-sweaty-mess HOT. It’s “hey, do you want to go out to dinner?” “Hell no, I’d have to go OUTSIDE FOR THAT” HOT.

So, maybe it’s no surprise that my mind, and thus my inspiration of late, has turned to flowy, loose fitting garments.

I’ve sewn up a few fabulous retro designs over the last couple of days (and will share more tomorrow). I hope I’m not the only one out there dreaming of trapeze dresses, tunics and tent-dresses. Cuz, if so, I’m going to have a lot of stock on my hands pretty soon.

Some inspiration, found on Pinterest:

(P.S.  WordPress has apparently changed how I can add pictures, and it’s making me cranky.  CRANKY.)

TnT Tuesday

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite tunic dresses from my shop.


I had *just* enough of this fabric to make this one dress.

I’d purchased the fabric eons ago as a remnant and could never quite figure out what to do with it.


Then, I was preparing for my runway show a few months ago.  I had hit that place, that place where I’d completely lost my vision and couldn’t figure out WHAT I was doing.

I started scrambling about, making random boho-style things, because that was the style I was really feeling at the time.


And, out popped this beauty.  I originally intended to include this in the show itself.  But that was in the haze of doubt and confusion.

As much as I love the tunic, it didn’t belong in THAT show.  And, so, it wasn’t included.


I’m a layering kind of girl, so I love it layered with a tank top, and over jeans.

Don’t get me wrong–it’s cute alone, too.


You can find the listing here, in my shop:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/127897194/tunic-tunic-dress-tunic-floral-dress?ref=shop_home_feat

Modeled by the gorgeous Hannah (www.modelmayhem.com/795520).

Images featuring her hair up:  Hair and Make Up by Amanda Bravender
For inquiries: www.ahbweddingandevents.com