Spring has started to show it’s face around these parts in bursts and bright colors.


The azaleas have exploded in a hot pink fury of petals.


The bees are in heaven.


We have 5 regular big, fat, bumble bees that visit.


They hover around me anytime I’m in the garden.


Like they want to play.

I talk with them, and they buzz and zoom and dive.


I’m so glad they finally have some flowers to revel in!


A Pinterest thread led me to try growing some veg from cuttings that would normally go into the compost.


My kitchen window is bursting with wee romaine lettuces.


Scallions, too–which grow so fast!


I have plans to try the romaine in some potting soil next–perhaps a window box on the inside of the kitchen window?

It will be too, too hot for those dainty leaves all too soon outside.

Seedlings are emerging in the garden–I hope to snap some pics this weekend.

We’re back from an impromptu visit to SC.  Two 12-hour drives within 4 days!  A “Frozen” themed birthday party for an amazing 8-year-old.  Much fun was had, and not a single picture did I manage to take.  *sigh*

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