Mardi Gras Shoot

After a long (looooooooong) and unintentional blog-hiatus, I’m back!

Really, that was a long time to be away.

Blame instagram–it’s so much easier to post a picture with a one-liner, and go about my merry way.

Also:  business has been pretty kick ass since before Halloween, and I’ve been busy sewing (and upgrading my studio).

I figured some images from a Mardi Gras themed shoot I did this week would be in order for my first post back in this cob-web-filled space.

These are just images that I took–I’m anxiously (yet patiently) waiting for the final edits from Underexposed Photography, whom you’ll recognize from past shoots.

Hair & Makeup by AHB Hair & Makeup

Models: Yuri Sisson & Nancy Jane

Clothing & Accessories:  Trapped In Time Designs










Just popping in to share some images from a recent photo shoot I did.

I had this concept of wanting to do a shoot with my tattered boas and neck pieces that looked like a Renaissance-era painting–but a bit “dirtied” up.

I had a special backdrop printed up.

I made pearl pins for the models hair, and picked out fake tattoos, make up styles and the hair style.

I got to work with some fabulous women, and I feel like we made some spectacular images!


All neck pieces and bustier by Trapped In Time Designs

Photography by Underexposed Photography

Hair & Make up by Amanda Bravender

Model:  Yuri Sisson

Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography03 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography08 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography10 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography14 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography25 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography29 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography31 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography33 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography35


So, I’m still alive, but wow–that instagram–so much easier!  I have this problem where, since I don’t have an iPhone, and my cell doesn’t currently have the ability to get the instagram app, I have to use the iPad.  The severely neglected iPad, that was procured solely for the purpose of taking payments at events.  The sad iPad that was, up until recently, only used for listening to audio books.  That iPad is now my constant companion.  However, I hate (with a blinding passion) typing anything longer than one or two sentences on the thing, so blogging from it is not an option.  So now I find myself in the position of having all my pictures of work in progress, etc, on the iPad, but my blogging is done from the laptop.

First World Problems, right?

So, I’ve been working up a storm, and things are starting to get crazy for Halloween already.

Which means, OF COURSE, that I came up with a new venture that I’m obsessed with.

Embroidered portraits.

I’ve finished up one so far, and have the second started.

I hope to be selling these soon–once I land on an acceptable price point, which requires making at least a couple more, to judge time actually spent.

So, this is the first one, complete and just waiting around until I can manage to get things together enough to sell–Frank N Furter!


I’m absolutely in love with this.  The one I’m working on now is Harold and Maude.

I know I need to get with the times, and maybe make something more “now”, more “with it”.  But, for my first few projects, I wanted to work on images that were my personal favorites.  That way, if I’m the only person in the whole world that things they’re cool, I’m happy to hang them on the wall.  😉

I’ll try to get back into this blogging place.  I promise.

Another Wednesday Morning

Wow, halfway through the week already.

Once again time for my favorite Pinterest finds!

But first–GUESS WHAT!  I’m on instagram!  FINALLY. 

You can pop over and find me there much more regularly than here or even facebook–I’m loving it! 


Find me here

On to the Pinterest Finds!

Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue, September 2012

Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue, September 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier.


model: Anna S. make-up, styling, hair, photographer: Alina Mirek

model: Anna S.
make-up, styling, hair, photographer: Alina Mirek

Pebblestack Pendant-"Heart Cairn"- by Binks Edmonds

Pebblestack Pendant-“Heart Cairn”- by Binks Edmonds




Photographed by Tim Walker

Photographed by Tim Walker

And, I’ll just put this right here, too.  I have no words, I think many of us are still rather shattered, and I can only wish peace for his family and the ultimate quiet of those inner demons for him.


A Dark Alice Kind of Week

So happy to welcome Friday this week.

The hubby has been out of town all week, leaving me to fend for myself amongst the kitties.  He’ll be back today. 🙂

Luckily, I had made a big pot of Chana Masala that fed me in the evenings, lots of veggies for salad lunches, many orders to sew up, and a whole stack of audio books to listen to.

Also:  A whole new season of “Mind of a Chef” on Netflix.

I have an upcoming order for a Wednesday Addams dress, and the client and I were ironing out the final design for it.  Of course, I had about a million ideas, ranging from the very traditional to the more “out there”:

Wednesday Addams possibilities

Wednesday Addams possibilities

Wednesday Addams Possibilities

Wednesday Addams Possibilities

I had two back-to-back Dark Alice orders, which ended up taking up the whole week, after Monday was spent cutting and most of Tuesday was spent visiting family and running errands.

Alternate Dark Alice, featuring a lower neckline

Alternate Dark Alice, featuring a lower neckline

The orders shouldn’t have taken quite as long as they did.  To be fair, the first order went smoothly.  But the second one.  The second one wasn’t cooperating, resulting in me have to entirely re-work (and re-cut) the bodice.  It just wasn’t laying correctly, and there was no other option.

This isn't the exact dress that I made, but its the same design....and I can't access the picture I took of the one this week

This isn’t the exact dress that I made, but its the same design….and I can’t access the picture I took of the one this week

So, I’m running a day behind at this point. 

Lucky for me, I was running way ahead of schedule before the set-back. 😉

Today I’ll be sewing up one last order that’s cut, and cutting a few more that are waiting.

Did you watch Project Runway this week? 

Loved the concept this week, but rather disappointed with the end results.  I had a really hard time picking a top 3, mainly because so much that walked that runway was dark and, honestly, kind of dull.  Not really a lot of new ideas. 

Which is sad, considering this is probably going to be one of the few challenges this season where they could have thought outside the box.

My top 3:



A bit basic, too reminiscent of the 90s, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET RID OF THAT BACKPACK, but I liked the jacket and cowl neck here.  I hate those shoes something fierce.  Are those REALLY back?  Because there are, like, 5 pairs of them on the Aldo wall this season.



This was really cool, loved it with the jacket–but I wish she’d made the jacket in some other material.  It felt too…..snuggie.  Like, I’d be wearing that fabric sitting on the couch in my pj’s.  But, the jumpsuit was really cool–and I’m a gal that HATES a jumpsuit with a fierce passion normally.



I know this is weird, and I know a lot of people are going to hate it, but I think, of all the offerings, this one fit the challenge the best, and is something NEW.  It definitely appeals to the costumer in me, and maybe that’s why I like it so much.  I still love Sandhya–while they definitely gave her the whiny-edit last week, I still think she’s the one to watch this season.  She’s the only one, so far, to really show that she has something to SAY.  She really thinks about her designs, and what she wants them to be saying, and I really respond to that.

I can’t stop staring at the models toes, hanging off those shoes, and it’s FREAKING ME OUT.

I hate toes, and I hate women who wear sandals too-small for them.  GO UP A SIZE, LADIES.  There’s no shame in it.

Gahhh, toes.  *shudder*

Okay, they’re out of my direct line of sight now. 

Listening to this week:

"The Seven Dials Mystery"--Agatha Christie

“The Seven Dials Mystery”–Agatha Christie

I’m a Christie-addict.  I go through the collection and start all over.  I just don’t get tired of listening to them.

"'Salem's Lot"--Stephen King

“‘Salem’s Lot”–Stephen King

I read this back in…..high school?  Junior high?  I was a huge King fan (and Anne Rice).  I’ve been listening to a lot of the books I read back then, and it’s fun to remember the stories, but to understand them on a whole different level now.

"White Fire"--Preston & Child

“White Fire”–Preston & Child

I really enjoyed this, but I spent half the book yelling at the main character because she was SO. DAMN. STUPID.

I don’t think it’s a good thing that I was vehemently hoping she’d bite it before the end.

Well, that’ was my week–hope yours was good, and I’ll see you Monday!