This Week

Weekly wrap-up:

I’ve been working on orders as well as items for the upcoming photo shoots–still SO excited!!

Husband has been out of town, which allows me to stock up on junk food get a lot more sewing done, since I am able to sew into the evening hours–I don’t really cook when it’s just me.




While I work, I’ve been listening to “The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty” by G.J. Meyer, and I have to say–I’m loving it!  I love history, and have always loved reading about any of the Tudors, but sometimes the books can be, let’s just say, a wee bit dry.  Not the case here–it’s so interesting, and I’m even learning things I’ve not encountered in other books!  Really worth it, if you’re a history nerd like me.


Have a fabulous weekend!

Inspiration and a Sale

My sister is coming into town next month, and we plan to (finally) get to do some photo shoots together–which is awesome and exciting and has been keeping me full of MILLIONS of ideas (at all hours of the day and night)!  She is a new photographer, focusing so far on wedding, maternity, engagement, family and senior photography.  With a big sis like me, you KNOW she has to gets to try her hand at the world of fashion/costume/editorial photography!

I have a few shoots that I’ve been planning in my head for months and those are finally getting to the “make it happen” stage.  I’ve been gathering ideas, writing (too many) lists, losing said lists, writing NEW lists, cutting out, imagining, re-imagining, drawing and just generally being a crazy pants.

Inspiration for a couple of the shoots–I feel like both are departures for me, being that neither focuses too much on costume-costumes (it’s a thing in my head).  I’m so excited for these!!!



*Images gathered via Pinterest–I do not own or claim ownership of ANY of these.  By the time I found them, no artist names were associated, so if you see your work please contact me with info so that I can properly credit you.  I love Pinterest, but it makes it entirely too easy for someone’s hard work to get out there on the net with no link back to the creator.

Also–I’m feeling the need for a bit of a clear out and have been adding new items to the shops Clearance section–and I’ve put EVERYTHING in that section at 50% off original price!


I Know I Just Said I Wouldn’t Do This….

Didn’t I JUST say that I wanted to break the cycle of posting just photo shoots?

Ahhh, well–this is new!  And I wanted to share it before I forgot ALL ABOUT IT!  (which I’ll do over the weekend, most likely)

Just a little product shoot with the beautiful Yuri, who I’ve gotten to work with a few times now–you’ll recognize her from the Boa Shoot and the Mardi Gras Shoot.  She lives down the road–how lucky am I?

A few new pieces, a few new shots of older pieces.

Some new Swing Tanks, a new Crop Top, new Babydoll Tunics, new Sweetheart Neckline Bustiers….


And new shots of capelets and a cincher skirt.


We had so much fun, even though I had hoped to have more to photograph–as I mentioned, orders have been rolling in, and that means less time to create new things.


What do you think?

New Babydoll Tunics

New Babydoll Tunics


Print Tank

Print Tank

The new shoot was a full success!

Oversize Crop Top

Oversize Crop Top

I mean, I know I’m the one saying it, so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

Kimono Jacket

Kimono Jacket

But, I think the new look really makes the items pop in the listings.

Oversize Crop Top

Oversize Crop Top

What do you think?

Babydoll Tunic

Babydoll Tunic

I already have the next shoot scheduled, and hope to have the majority of the shop switched over to the new style within the next few months.

Swing Tank

Swing Tank

I commented to G the other day that the only things I have to talk about–indeed, the only things I think about–are all work-related.

Oversize Crop Top

Oversize Crop Top

I must be a true bore.

Babydoll Tunic

Babydoll Tunic

I need to get out into the garden this weekend!

Go fishing! (we totally got our fishing licenses this past weekend–both of us love fishing, but have never fished down here!  G grew up fishing in the Bahamas, and I grew up fishing in MN.  So, it’s a new adventure)

Maybe then I’ll have more to discuss…and be a tad more interesting. 😉


Vintage Handkerchief Skirt

Vintage Handkerchief Skirt

I’ve been working on new Spring and Summer things for the shop lately–neglecting the blog, neglecting the yard, neglecting the garden.  *sigh*

Linen Tunic Dress

Linen Tunic Dress

Just sewing, sewing, sewing, SEWING!

Chiffon Swing Tank

Chiffon Swing Tank

Also re-working (or attempting to re-work) the photography for my etsy shop.

Floral Tunic Dress

Floral Tunic Dress

While I love the editorial photography, the lighting, the mood, the setting…’s not as cohesive as I’d like it to be.

Gauze Gypsy Dress

Gauze Gypsy Dress

So, I decided to try a new style.

Giraffe Tunic Dress

Giraffe Tunic Dress

Went out with the lovely Nancy Jane a couple of weeks ago and snapped a bunch of new photos with new things, as well as old.

Kimono Jacket

Kimono Jacket

While I love them……they’re still not right.

Floral Babydoll Tunic

Floral Babydoll Tunic

And so, today, we’re trying this again.

Print Swing Tank

Print Swing Tank

But in the wee little photo studio I have set up this time.

Yellow Sundress

Yellow Sundress

Going for more simple.  Less distraction from the clothing.

Butterfly Tunic Dress

Butterfly Tunic Dress

But I think I’m going to miss the backgrounds.

Polka Dot Sundress

Polka Dot Sundress

Trying to get your business the way you want it is a never-ending process, it seems.

Pinstripe Babydoll Tunic

Pinstripe Babydoll Tunic

But worth it.

Linen Sundress

Linen Sundress

Happy Almost-Weekend to you!

Official Photos

The Official Photos from the Mardi Gras shoot are in!  Just in time for the season, as Fat Tuesday is almost upon us (one week from tomorrow!).

All items are now available (ready to ship or made to order) in my shop.

Photography by Underexposed Photography.

Hair & Make Up by Amanda Bravender

Models:  Yuri Sisson & Nancy Jane

Clothing & Accessories by Trapped In Time Designs

Just a sampling–the light was so perfect and the sky so blue this day!

Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 001 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 009 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 018 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 019 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 024 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 027 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 035

Mardi Gras Shoot

After a long (looooooooong) and unintentional blog-hiatus, I’m back!

Really, that was a long time to be away.

Blame instagram–it’s so much easier to post a picture with a one-liner, and go about my merry way.

Also:  business has been pretty kick ass since before Halloween, and I’ve been busy sewing (and upgrading my studio).

I figured some images from a Mardi Gras themed shoot I did this week would be in order for my first post back in this cob-web-filled space.

These are just images that I took–I’m anxiously (yet patiently) waiting for the final edits from Underexposed Photography, whom you’ll recognize from past shoots.

Hair & Makeup by AHB Hair & Makeup

Models: Yuri Sisson & Nancy Jane

Clothing & Accessories:  Trapped In Time Designs










Just popping in to share some images from a recent photo shoot I did.

I had this concept of wanting to do a shoot with my tattered boas and neck pieces that looked like a Renaissance-era painting–but a bit “dirtied” up.

I had a special backdrop printed up.

I made pearl pins for the models hair, and picked out fake tattoos, make up styles and the hair style.

I got to work with some fabulous women, and I feel like we made some spectacular images!


All neck pieces and bustier by Trapped In Time Designs

Photography by Underexposed Photography

Hair & Make up by Amanda Bravender

Model:  Yuri Sisson

Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography03 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography08 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography10 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography14 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography25 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography29 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography31 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography33 Trapped in Time Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri Sisson-Underexposed Photography35


At least it’s Friday.

I was up most of the night.  For no reason, other than I do that sometimes.  I wake up in the middle of the night, and proceed to worry and think and brainstorm and toss and turn and stay awake for hours.

I felt like someone poked me in the back twice, when no one was around, this morning.

And then an old, broken, and unplugged surge protector started making horrible, loud, long beeps.

So, it’s been…..interesting around the ol’ household this morning.

I’ve been sewing away over the week, and slowly editing images from Monday’s shoot.

I’ve made ruffle leggings (now on their way to Austin, TX), a couple of child’s capelets (headed to Alberta, Canada) and a bustier (on it’s way to IL) for customer orders.

I’ve sewed up dresses and bustles and bustiers for listing in the shop.

And, as mentioned, I’ve been editing images from Monday’s little shoot–and listing the new items in all THREE of my shops (Etsy, ArtFire, & RebelsMarket).

A little peek:





Model:  Amberleighhh  (

These are my absolute favorite tops right now.  I wear one almost every day, layered with a tank top.  So comfy, and easy to wear.  I hope I’m not the only person in the world who likes them….though then I’d have a LOT to choose from…..

I still have quite a few images to edit and more new items to get listed, but I’m only doing one per day.  To save my brain.

While all this sewing has been happening, I’ve been listening to:


The Dead Room


Happy almost-weekend!

Circus Shoot


The final images from the recent Circus Shoot were released!


(which, if you follow me on facebook, you would TOTALLY know by now, seeing as I repeatedly posted the pictures over the weekend)


I’m happy with how they turned out.  Each shoot is a learning experience, and each one is more fun than the last, somehow.


Models: Amberleighhh ( & Erica Boss (


Hair: Peggy West


Make Up: Laurin E Hart


Photographer: Underexposed Photography (!/brittsmithphoto )



Clothes & Accessories:  Trapped In Time Designs (duh)