I finally managed to get my home photography studio (aka:  the guest room/future kiddo room) back together and managed to get a couple of things photographed and added to the shop.  More to come over the next week or so, as I sneak in photo-taking between orders.

Available for order/purchase here:


From Under a Stack of Fabric

Well, there went a couple weeks of silence. 
Time got away from me, lots of orders in, lots of hours at the part time gig, lots of excuses and forgetting. 

I’ve been working on a LOT of really fun costumes and outfits, and I wish I’d thought to, oh, I don’t know, take pictures of it all.  Alas, while I have a few to share, they don’t represent even the scantest of hints of what I’ve been doing.

So, without further ado:

A couple of my cincher skirts made their way to the NOLA Red Dress Run:


I finally finished the Doctor Who-inspired Victorian costume, inspired by this:


My version (which, in total honesty?  I wanted to keep so bad–that jacket is really lovely, despite it looking rather lumpy on my broken-and-too-small-dress-form):



I even made the decorative frogs–which was a learning experience in itself, trust me:


A dress for a friend, who will be wearing it out this weekend to a concert:


Bunches of other items were made (Alice dresses, Wendy dresses, cincher skirts, leggings, collars….):


One customer requested pink and orange leggings–an excuse for me to order extra and (eventually) make some for the shop:


Some knitting was done in the evenings (as I decompressed and watched terrible old movies):


I found some AMAZING fabric that I’m WAY too excited about….and totally want to make halter dresses out of, for some reason:


I have a lot of stock that needs to be photographed and listed, but finding the time to do so has been a bit difficult:


Today I’m working on another Doctor Who-inspired piece (though this one from Tennant’s era):


And I’m starting to get ready for the Halloween rush–getting prepared, getting organized, getting supplies. 


Getting ideas together for a Halloween shoot that I’m pretty excited about….



And…..tossing around the idea of doing a runway show in October–Halloween focused, of course.  Because I’m insane and apparently intend to remain so.


Been away the last week as my fabulous little sister and her boyfriend have been visiting.  Great times were had, sadly they had to end today, and my house is a wee bit quiet as I sit here.  Back to the grind, and lists, and sewing.

But first, a glimpse at a couple of our adventures!  It’s always fun to have visitors–it gives you an excuse to play tourist in your own state!

Among the many things we did, our favorites were:

Kliebert’s Turtle and Alligator Farm (“Swamp People” fans may recognize this spot):

This tour was AMAZING and so fun!  Great place–and only an hour drive from my house.  Our guide was informative and funny, the tour was fabulous, and we had a blast.  If you find yourself in southern Louisiana, I HIGHLY recommend this tour–for only $12, it was a steal.  Everyone on the tour had a blast–kids and adults alike.


Abita Mystery House:

I’ve wanted to hit this place up for years, but never did.  It’s crazy–no, really–it’s CRAZY.  I mean, I love it, but it’s insane.  There’s a little bit of everything here.  I fell madly in love with all the vintage paint by number paintings, but sadly none were for sale.  Trust me–I would have come home with a boat load if they had been.  DEFINITELY worth the $3 to tour.  If you like “Hoarders”, thrift store shopping & folk art, this is THE place. 


TnT Tuesday


TnT (Trapped In Time) Tuesday!  Featuring recent additions to my etsy shop, and a bit of info on the items.  Thought I’d try something new.


This is a beautiful red silk-blend floral brocade bustier that is a relatively recent addition to the shop (I’m still swamped with custom orders right now, so new items are on the back burner right now).  It’s really quite beautiful in person.  I do have a bit of a weakness for brocades, especially when it’s an Asian print.


Modeled by the gorgeous Nancyjane ( and photographed by yours truly.


I have two of these currently in the shop.  One with a bust of 30-33 inches and a waist of 26-29 inches.  The other with a bust of 36-39 inches and a waist of 32-35 inches.  (you can find them here:  and here:

Fully lined in black cotton twill for durability.  I sew flexible boning into the lining of all my bustiers.  These are much more comfortable to wear than, say, a metal boned corset.  You can wear one of these lovelies all day and not feel like you’re going to cough up your spleen.


They’re made to be worn as a shirt.  The look equally lovely alone or over a coordinating tank top (my favorite way to wear them).


Bustiers were the first items I began sewing when I decided to open up an etsy shop.  There’s just something about them that I love.  They’re both vintage and modern, and can be made from just about anything.  (I love making these out of vintage band t-shirts, and one of my favorites that I EVER made was from my own vintage MAD magazine tshirt.  It was SO, SO cool)