Inspiration and a Sale

My sister is coming into town next month, and we plan to (finally) get to do some photo shoots together–which is awesome and exciting and has been keeping me full of MILLIONS of ideas (at all hours of the day and night)!  She is a new photographer, focusing so far on wedding, maternity, engagement, family and senior photography.  With a big sis like me, you KNOW she has to gets to try her hand at the world of fashion/costume/editorial photography!

I have a few shoots that I’ve been planning in my head for months and those are finally getting to the “make it happen” stage.  I’ve been gathering ideas, writing (too many) lists, losing said lists, writing NEW lists, cutting out, imagining, re-imagining, drawing and just generally being a crazy pants.

Inspiration for a couple of the shoots–I feel like both are departures for me, being that neither focuses too much on costume-costumes (it’s a thing in my head).  I’m so excited for these!!!



*Images gathered via Pinterest–I do not own or claim ownership of ANY of these.  By the time I found them, no artist names were associated, so if you see your work please contact me with info so that I can properly credit you.  I love Pinterest, but it makes it entirely too easy for someone’s hard work to get out there on the net with no link back to the creator.

Also–I’m feeling the need for a bit of a clear out and have been adding new items to the shops Clearance section–and I’ve put EVERYTHING in that section at 50% off original price!


Pinterest Wednesday

Still feeling a wee bit sick, and so the week has kind of been zipping past me, while I feel like I’ve been puttering around in a fog.

Ideas have been coming along, and I realized that I need to start building up stock for Halloween (and the Endless Nights Vampire Ball).

But that’s all besides the point!  It’s time for my weekly favorite pins!

--Gabriel Pacheco

–Gabriel Pacheco

Amazing necklaces!  (source unknown)

Amazing necklaces! (source unknown)

I'm still loving flowy, beautiful dresses for summer

I’m still loving flowy, beautiful dresses for summer

"Stay Forever"--Parvana Photography

“Stay Forever”–Parvana Photography

Vintage young woman--she manages to make that gigantic bow look perfect

Vintage young woman–she manages to make that gigantic bow look perfect

I need this door handle.

I need this door handle.


**As always, I’ve credited where possible.  If I’ve missed something or linked incorrectly, please let me know.  I claim no rights to these images, nor have I had any hand in creating them.  I just love them. 😉

A Favorite

Having spent a weekend doing….well, not too much of anything (other than watching the hubby lose himself in the new “Wolfenstein” PC game—whoa, boy, that game is INTENSE), there’s not really a good picture recap to share.  There was a little gardening, a massively horrible headache, some sparkly-pink nail polish, and…..that was about it.

So, instead, I’ll share my #1 All.-Time-Favorite artist, John William Waterhouse.

St Eulalia, 1885

St Eulalia, 1885

I don’t recall when I first saw a Waterhouse image.

Ophelia,  1889

Ophelia, 1889

But I can say there’s just something I really love about the beauty in every single painting.

The Crystal Ball, 1902

The Crystal Ball, 1902

I guess I’m a romantic at heart.

The Soul of the Rose or My Sweet Rose 1908

The Soul of the Rose or My Sweet Rose

A Pre-Raphaelite lover.

Ophelia, 1910

Ophelia, 1910

I even cross-stitch Waterhouse images.

The Shrine 1895

The Shrine

They take YEARS to complete (mainly due to my sporadic interest level and only working on them in the evenings).

Miranda -- The Tempest 1916

Miranda — The Tempest

I’ve made this one:

Juliet, 1898

Juliet, 1898

And I’m currently working on this image:

Boreas, 1903

Boreas, 1903

Next on the list is this one:

Hylas and the Nymphs 1896

Hylas and the Nymphs

I can’t remember if I’ve already done a post on Waterhouse…, if I have, apologies.  Just bask in the pretty.

The Mermaid, 1901

The Mermaid, 1901


Pinterest Friday

Ah, Friday again!  Looking forward to a weekend filled with gardening, sewing & a crawfish boil!  Here’s to hoping the rain holds off for the outdoor activities, and that you have a fabulous weekend yourself!

My favorite finds of the week on Pinterest (follow me:


(Marta Orlowska)


(Sydney Long)


(Madonnas by Katarzyna Widmanska)


(Vintage Edwardian era cape)


(With or Without You – Paul Lovering)




Friday Favorite

I recently purchased this beautiful print from peachpatrol on etsy.


Located in Australia, there was a bit of a wait for the post to get it together and get this to me.

I was almost breathless with anticipation.  I was so excited for it.

When it arrived last week, it surpassed ALL expectations.

SO SO SO amazingly beautiful in person!  Lovely little extras included in the package.

I cannot wait to get this matted and framed.

Also:  I will definitely be ordering more prints.  I just have to choose.

I’m a bit of an art hoarder.  I’m so grateful for prints–since my budget doesn’t allow for originals (yet).

We’re re-doing our living room, and I plan to pretty much have ALL the walls covered in art.  You better believe this lovely lady will have a place of honor.

Check out the shop online here: