This Week

This week started out with finishing up a couple projects–a pair of ruffled boy shorts (I’m extremely smitten with these, btw and I’ll be offering these in the shop as soon as I can get a photo shoot set up):


My final Kahlan Mother Confessor bustier replica!  I’m really happy with this.  It took a lot longer than I expected it to, but I took extensive notes and wrote out and drafted my pattern immediately after completing, so that I can (hopefully) make it in MUCH less time the next time around (and I already got an order for another full Kahlan costume, so we’ll find out in a few weeks):


Then on to a dress for a photo shoot.  The dress started out as just the base, and looked like this pre-fitting:


After the fitting, the dress became just a tad bit shorter (ha!  I have SHIRTS longer than this thing):


And then the draping began!  I didn’t snap pictures of every single version (trust me, you should thank me for that), but I have a couple.  Here’s one version that I liked an awful lot, but ended up being too bulky for what the client is going for:


A little less bulky, but still too much fabric:


Though I really liked the back of this one–I’m a fiend for a bustle (even if it’s not REALLY a bustle):


And, the final result (pre-hand sewing):



I’m currently trying madly to finish that baby up so that I can make a head piece and another pair of ruffled bloomers to go with it by SUNDAY.  *gulp*

Wish me luck.

And send chocolate.  And caffeine.

Mother Confessor

Wanted to share a couple of images by the amazingly talented Teresa Yeh Photography of my Kahlan, Mother Confessor gown.  I’m actually in the midst of creating two more of these right now for customers.  One is pretty much identical to that pictured, the other is altered a bit–detachable sleeves, and made in a raw cotton that is actually turning out quite lovely.

These were taken last year, and I just absolutely love them!

Bringer of Light

You can find my shop listing for the gown here:


And definitely take a moment to check out Teresa Yeh Photography’s page–it’s SOO worth it!  Truly beautiful images–I hope to get the chance to work together in the future.