Another Wednesday Morning

Wow, halfway through the week already.

Once again time for my favorite Pinterest finds!

But first–GUESS WHAT!  I’m on instagram!  FINALLY. 

You can pop over and find me there much more regularly than here or even facebook–I’m loving it! 


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On to the Pinterest Finds!

Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue, September 2012

Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue, September 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier.


model: Anna S. make-up, styling, hair, photographer: Alina Mirek

model: Anna S.
make-up, styling, hair, photographer: Alina Mirek

Pebblestack Pendant-"Heart Cairn"- by Binks Edmonds

Pebblestack Pendant-“Heart Cairn”- by Binks Edmonds




Photographed by Tim Walker

Photographed by Tim Walker

And, I’ll just put this right here, too.  I have no words, I think many of us are still rather shattered, and I can only wish peace for his family and the ultimate quiet of those inner demons for him.


Circus Shoot


The final images from the recent Circus Shoot were released!


(which, if you follow me on facebook, you would TOTALLY know by now, seeing as I repeatedly posted the pictures over the weekend)


I’m happy with how they turned out.  Each shoot is a learning experience, and each one is more fun than the last, somehow.


Models: Amberleighhh ( & Erica Boss (


Hair: Peggy West


Make Up: Laurin E Hart


Photographer: Underexposed Photography (!/brittsmithphoto )



Clothes & Accessories:  Trapped In Time Designs (duh)

Behind The Scenes

Yesterday was a BLAST!


New friends were made, old friends were enjoyed, and so much laughter ensued that my cheeks STILL hurt today.


I feel so happy with how it all came together–my vision feels realized!


I even remembered to snap behind the scenes photos throughout the day–no small feat for me.


It all came together so well, and while I was exhausted by the end, it was so worth it.


Now comes the hardest part–the waiting for the final images!


But I’ll be patient, I promise.


Until I see what is sure to be amazing photography by Underexposed Photography, I’ll flip through the bits I snapped and remember how much FUN was had.


I’m already itching for the next shoot!

Models:  Erica Boss & Amber Carollo

Make Up:  Laurin Edmonson Hart

Hair:  Peggy West

Clothing & Accessories:  Trapped In Time Designs

Pinterest Wednesday

I’m changing things up a little bit around here to free up more time to work on orders.  Attempting to blog 5 days a week was just making me crazy (or making me ignore the blog), so I’m scaling back to 3 days a week.

That said, who knows what will REALLY happen.

So, since I really enjoy sharing my Pinterest finds with you all, I’m moving Pinterest Friday to Wednesday!

My favorite finds of the week (and, as always, you can follow me here:



Portrait of a young woman, Sweden, c.1915



Designer Bill Gibb


Photographer Christian Tagliavini, from his series 1503 (2010) and Dame Di Cartone (2008).


Ziegfeld Star



**As these are images found on pinterest and similar sites, credit may not be associated with the image–if you see anything mis-credited or not credited at all, and you have more information,  please let me know.  And, of course, I claim no copyrights or rights or involvement in any of these images.

Lazy Days

So, I disappeared for a few days.  It wasn’t intentional.  It was a spur-of-the-moment-hiatus.  From pretty much everything.  G was out of town all week, leaving me and the kitties to fend for ourselves.  The weather was all over the place.  The orders were a little sparse.  The audio-book wasn’t delivering.  The stack of items to sew up wasn’t singing to me.  I was waiting on mountains of fabric to arrive.

It all added up to me, a cross-stitch project that I’ve been working on for 3 years, lots of hot coffee and tea, a blanket and Netflix.

Also:  re-arranging the living room.

But, I’m back, ready to go, if not raring.  Maybe it’s the time of year?  The not-quite-spring but not-quite-winter weather?

So, I’ll leave you with some pretty for your Monday morning.  My morning started with my asking the universe why I couldn’t just have one more Sunday before starting the week.  Ah, universe, how you vex me.

These are my favorite Pinterest images from last week.  Come join me at: