Pinterest Wednesday

I’m changing things up a little bit around here to free up more time to work on orders.  Attempting to blog 5 days a week was just making me crazy (or making me ignore the blog), so I’m scaling back to 3 days a week.

That said, who knows what will REALLY happen.

So, since I really enjoy sharing my Pinterest finds with you all, I’m moving Pinterest Friday to Wednesday!

My favorite finds of the week (and, as always, you can follow me here:



Portrait of a young woman, Sweden, c.1915



Designer Bill Gibb


Photographer Christian Tagliavini, from his series 1503 (2010) and Dame Di Cartone (2008).


Ziegfeld Star



**As these are images found on pinterest and similar sites, credit may not be associated with the image–if you see anything mis-credited or not credited at all, and you have more information,  please let me know.  And, of course, I claim no copyrights or rights or involvement in any of these images.

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