A Peek

A peek into the studio, where I’ve been organizing and moving things around.

It started with the fabric stash, which was pretty much just shelves (and floor space) of fabric crammed in by color (or mostly so).  It looked like this:


After a sweet lady at the fabric store told me about using comic book backers to help fold things uniformly–a trick that has, apparently, been around for awhile but was new to me–I decided this had to be fixed.  I thought one weekend and 200 backers would suffice.  WRONG.  Two weekends (and 2 work days) and almost 300 backers later, it now looks like this:



It felt never-ending, but it was so worth it.

Re-organizing the fabric stash ultimately led to re-organizing the rest of the studio.  I didn’t snap a before picture, but this corner previously held all my shipping supplies and a drafting table.  Those have been moved to another room (pictures later, once I get it all set up), and new shelves were purchased, assembled and set up in the corner for even more (desperately needed) storage:


And, the corner I sew in stayed the same, but got more pictures and doo-dads on the walls:


My inspiration board had to move, too.  Right now it looks like this:


I love inspiration boards.  All the walls in my house would look like that, if I didn’t think I’d get hauled away to the nut-house when family/friends came over.  For now, this one cork-board will have to suffice.

Now, I’m off to work in my newly organized and clean space!

Prep Work

Taking a wee break from sewing the actual outfits that will be worn on the runway.  Instead, I’m focusing on sewing up a few things that will be for sale at the event.


Yes.  Yes that IS a giraffe print tunic dress hiding in there.  That fabric was a remnant that I purchased on a whim at least 10 years ago.  I could never figure out what it wanted to be, but then I pulled it out while thinking of spring tunic dresses and tops, and poof!  It found it’s calling.  I kind of love it.  Like, a lot.

There’s a very full stack of items to sew up for the show.  One thing at a time.


In a fit of ignoring the sewing for a few minutes, I hung up more thread storage the other day.  No more baggies of thread on the floor by the machines for me!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a gratuitous kitty picture.  So, I give you Mimi.  Yes, that IS a beautiful blue sky for the first time in what feels like weeks of gloom and rain.



It’s just a cheapo (and, let’s face it, kinda ugly) lamp that had been living in a corner on our sun porch, but I can’t help but absolutely love the golden glow it gives from it’s new spot in the studio.  Something about the quality of light, the placement of the lamp, makes me cozy and comfy and long for the space in my studio to put a giant overstuffed sofa with tons of pillows.

Of course, it would only be covered in fabric (and kitties).  But I’d love it just the same.