Changing It Up

I have now officially taken over 2 of our 3 bedrooms.


Of COURSE I waited until I was all alone to tear down the guest room and re-create it as my photography studio/staging area/stock room.  Queen size mattress, bed frame and box spring?  NO PROBLEM!  Those puppies now live in the garage.  Where, sadly, my car no longer can live.  It’s retaliated by succumbing to an enormous crack in the windshield.  Well played car, well played.


The room is pretty bare bones right now, but it serves the purpose.

Some day that awful panelling will come down……SOME day.

More and more excitement builds as little things fall into place.  I only need to secure two more models, I have the song for the runway show, and I ordered a big ol’ box of pants hangers today.

Now I get back to sewing-sewing-sewing!

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