Busy, Busy

Things are rather busy around here, with ready-made orders and made-to-measure orders.  I’m busily re-stocking my dwindling fabric supply (well, just a few of the regulars are dwindling, the rest is still VERY MUCH there), re-ordering shipping supplies (new stickers, address labels, thank you cards, etc), cutting new orders out, sewing them together, and getting things packaged and shipped.  I’m happy for the business, and enjoying the go-go-go.

These all shipped out today for various spots around the country and globe:


We also bought a new treadmill, so that’s been playing a big part of my morning routine.  😉


I finished up “The Tale of Halcyon Crane” by Wendy Webb on audiobook yesterday.  I pretty much listen to audiobooks the entire day long–at least, when I’m in my studio.  So, I go through a LOT of them.  I was so pleasantly surprised by my parish library’s selection, both online and in-house.  I enjoyed “The Tale of Halcyon Crane”–it has most of the things I look for in a book, really–ghosts, mystery, history & a huge old fully furnished inherited Victorian home.  Put those in a book and I’m there. Though I get a wee bit jealous over the house inheritance.  I’ve always wanted to inherit a beautiful old home full of history, secret passageways and lots of STUFF.

You can find the book here:  http://www.amazon.com/Tale-Halcyon-Crane-Novel/dp/0805091408

This Week

Cutting, Sewing, Book-Keeping.


It’s cold.  Again.

Overcast.  Again.

Makes me want to snuggle on the couch with the kitties and play Skyrim.

Instead, I will cut out the latest orders and listen to some audio books.


Stay warm, folks.  Looks like a lot of the country is in for some more beautiful winter weather.  Ugh.

This Week

Happy 4th of July!


I’m celebrating by working. 😉  Gotta grab the time when you can.

I’m cutting out a pretty cool costume, actually.  I have the awesome task of making this costume:


Into a women’s version!  So cool!


Blueberries were out this week at my grandfathers–yum!  I froze these babies, and have been nibbling on them periodically, savoring and saving them as long as possible.


Some leggings went out early this week.


Over the past weekend I got the urge to paint–I do this every once in awhile.


I’m never as happy with the outcome as I want to be, but I love the process.

I have a whole haunted theme going, and a few paintings to complete.  Two are in various stages of completion right now, none are completely done.


I reorganized my pens/pencils/markers.  I’m a little too pleased by it.


Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day off.  If only a BBQ were in my future….sadly, the husband was called out to a job yesterday and will most likely be gone through the weekend.  And the kitties don’t grill.

Swing of Things

Sorry for the silence this week.  I’ve been busy settling back into the regular routine.


Custom orders are rolling in again.


Ideas are bouncing around my head at all hours.  (but that’s nothing new)


I listed a few new items in my shop, including the giraffe print tunic that I mentioned awhile back.  (you can find it here, in my shop:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/126929190/tunic-tunic-dress-tunic-pink-dress-pink?ref=shop_home_active)

I have a shoot this upcoming Monday, and am looking forward to playing dress up with two fabulous models (who also happen to be sisters) as well as spending some time with an amazing local MUA and hairstylist.

Reflecting a bit and re-grouping.  Trying to gain focus again.  I feel I lost my focus a wee bit in all the craziness of the show prep.  Needing to remind myself of my vision and my goals–and understanding that just because they are different than what people may think they should be, they’re still valid–and, best of all, they’re mine.


Have a beautiful weekend!

Changing It Up

I have now officially taken over 2 of our 3 bedrooms.


Of COURSE I waited until I was all alone to tear down the guest room and re-create it as my photography studio/staging area/stock room.  Queen size mattress, bed frame and box spring?  NO PROBLEM!  Those puppies now live in the garage.  Where, sadly, my car no longer can live.  It’s retaliated by succumbing to an enormous crack in the windshield.  Well played car, well played.


The room is pretty bare bones right now, but it serves the purpose.

Some day that awful panelling will come down……SOME day.

More and more excitement builds as little things fall into place.  I only need to secure two more models, I have the song for the runway show, and I ordered a big ol’ box of pants hangers today.

Now I get back to sewing-sewing-sewing!