Over the Weekend

The weekend saw a stomach virus take down the Mr.  I’ve managed to avoid it so far (*knocks on wood*), and was able to get some work done in the garden and yard.  Weekends are pretty much devoted to that right now–I’m determined to be a good Southern gal with a kick-ass garden and beautiful yard.  😉

Things are getting greener and greener everyday around here, and it’s so amazing to see little plants popping up all over the place.

I’m fascinated with the garden, and love this time of year.  Everything is new and bright and vibrant.  And the heat isn’t trying to kill me yet.

The first rose of the season is rather bashful:


An explosion of roses is imminent:


The sage is about to bloom:


The veggie garden, as it looks today.  We’ll be adding more boxes outside the fenced area, and I plan to do some raised beds along the fence, too (assuming I can get the Mr to build them).  It looks brown and sad right now due to the mulch we’re using this year in place of the weed barrier we’ve gone with in previous years (and that I think caused the soil to get too hot).  I can’t wait until you see more green than brown!


Peppers in pots.


Tomatoes and wee seedlings that you can barely see.


Tomatoes–mostly from store-bought plants this year, but I have one from seed at the end of the row (too tiny to see right now):


Hello Mr. Collards!


Wee zucchini:


Sugar snow peas, not quite tall enough to climb the trellis:


And arugula on the other side–I’m hoping the snow peas will shade the arugula so we can enjoy it for a little longer this year–it’s our favorite green:


I hope gardening posts aren’t excruciatingly dull for you all.  It’s kind of what I’m obsessed with most at the moment, so be prepared for more.  I’ll try to keep it to one post a week. 😉

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