Weekend Happenings

Wow, that weekend flew by.  And I mean flew.

A little work in the yard & garden was accomplished….but very little.

Mostly, I was inside, sewing up a special Easter treat for one of my nieces!


I used Simplicity 1900 (find the pattern here: http://www.simplicity.com/p-7473-doll-and-clothes.aspx) , and it went together pretty easily–the legs and arms made me want to scream out in frustration, but only because they’re so teeny and fiddly–ugh!

The fabric for the dress is a Japanese print that I bought before I even HAD nieces.  But I bought such small yardages of it (it was crazy expensive), I had never found a project small enough to use it in.  Until now.  🙂  I couldn’t be happier with it–so pretty, and perfect for an Easter dress.

Another one is in the works for the other niece.

The garden is growing.  Slowly.  (I’m an impatient gardener)


The sage bloomed.  I know I should cut the flowers, to keep the sage growing, but I hate to cut them–the bees love them.


Speaking of bees–after many, many, many attempts–I managed to capture (in a photo) one of my bumble bee buddies!  They hover around me the whole time I’m outside, yet when I try to snap a picture, suddenly they have an urgent meeting to attend.


The roses are exploding!


And, I did the taxes.  I always wait until pretty much the last minute.

Hope your weekend was lovely and felt longer than mine!

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