So, I’m still alive, but wow–that instagram–so much easier!  I have this problem where, since I don’t have an iPhone, and my cell doesn’t currently have the ability to get the instagram app, I have to use the iPad.  The severely neglected iPad, that was procured solely for the purpose of taking payments at events.  The sad iPad that was, up until recently, only used for listening to audio books.  That iPad is now my constant companion.  However, I hate (with a blinding passion) typing anything longer than one or two sentences on the thing, so blogging from it is not an option.  So now I find myself in the position of having all my pictures of work in progress, etc, on the iPad, but my blogging is done from the laptop.

First World Problems, right?

So, I’ve been working up a storm, and things are starting to get crazy for Halloween already.

Which means, OF COURSE, that I came up with a new venture that I’m obsessed with.

Embroidered portraits.

I’ve finished up one so far, and have the second started.

I hope to be selling these soon–once I land on an acceptable price point, which requires making at least a couple more, to judge time actually spent.

So, this is the first one, complete and just waiting around until I can manage to get things together enough to sell–Frank N Furter!


I’m absolutely in love with this.  The one I’m working on now is Harold and Maude.

I know I need to get with the times, and maybe make something more “now”, more “with it”.  But, for my first few projects, I wanted to work on images that were my personal favorites.  That way, if I’m the only person in the whole world that things they’re cool, I’m happy to hang them on the wall.  😉

I’ll try to get back into this blogging place.  I promise.

This Week

I spent most of this week thinking it was a day ahead, until yesterday when I inexplicably switched to thinking it was a day past.

That pretty much sums it up.

Orders have started rolling in for Halloween, Burning Man and miscellaneous events, so I’ve been working on those.

As well as sneaking in some fun bits in between–like this Star Wars ruffle skirt:


The garden has been exploding with the last of the summer squash and TONS OF CUCUMBERS, prompting a canning session (and another to come this weekend):


I lost one of the Summer Squash Pickle jars…..first ever to just crack in the canner.  :/  But, one casualty isn’t so bad.  Especially considering I’m always amazed that every single one doesn’t explode or turn black.

Side note:  One of the best sounds in the world are the “pings!” of sealing jars after a looooooong day of canning.

As I was checking (the endless) online things I do each morning before heading into the studio, I remembered–NEW SEASON OF PROJECT RUNWAY STARTED LAST NIGHT!!!  Is there anything better than remembering that your ALL-TIME-FAVORITE show has started a new season and you get to watch it?  Not for this gal.  At least not on a Friday morning.  (I don’t have cable, so watch the episodes the day after online)

I won’t bore you with my thoughts and ideas (besides, I can’t hold a candle to Tom & Lorenzo’s re-caps), but I WILL share my top 3 of the night:



Love-Love-LOVE this top (and a good circle skirt is ALWAYS a winner in my book).  The draping in the shirt is lovely, and I would totally wear this.  The shirt really sells it.  Plus, Char is just pretty kick-ass so far.  Gotta love a designer from DETROIT.



I know this one will be controversial.  The fabrics aren’t my favorite to go together–I would have loved to see that neck done in a solid rather than the Hawaiian Granny Floral.  But I really like the cut to this, and how it flowed.  Go figure, I like the tent dress. 😉



I was surprised this one didn’t make it into the top 3.  I think it was more interesting than at least one that DID make it.  I’ll be interested to see what Carrie does this season–I think she has an interesting set of ideas, and I’m a sucker for a gal with day-glo hair.  This is really architectural and interesting.  A few less cut-outs would suit it better to my taste, but I think it’s a really good use of the print.

My favorite of the season (even though I really did NOT like her runway look) is Sandhya so far.  That’s liable to change once we really get everyone’s aesthetic and personalities in play, but Sandhya has an amazing body of work, a point of view/voice, and she’s just really sweet.  She’s got skills, and I hope those bitches don’t knock her around too much.

Happy weekend!

This Week

It’s raining and dreary and I’ve gotten my errands done for the day. 

Sewing a new bustle on my 1946 machine

Sewing a new bustle on my 1946 machine

A mug of coffee (or two), a quick post, and then it’s off to the studio to get to work!

Some of the fabrics I've been playing with

Some of the fabrics I’ve been playing with

I’ve cut a lot out this week, and sewn up a few things.

A soft little floral number--totally not the normal style of print I use, but something about it called out to me at the Fabric Store the other day!

A soft little floral number–totally not the normal style of print I use, but something about it called out to me at the Fabric Store the other day!

I should have photographed more….but…..I’m lazy, and it’s raining!

A bustle, about to get some grommets

A bustle, about to get some grommets

I guess that means a photo-shoot with my dress form this weekend.

We got a little portable record player last weekend, and I've been loving it!

We got a little portable record player last weekend, and I’ve been loving it!

As mentioned, I ran some errands today (which, sadly, is a Big Thing, as I rarely leave the house these days–unless it’s to the Post or the Fabric Store).  I snuck in a trip to the thrift store–which is one of my favorite places.

This gigantic wall hanging came home with me today--it's a batik image on fabric that has been mounted and framed.  I'd been admiring it for awhile, and bought it spur-of-the-moment today.  I love it!

This gigantic wall hanging came home with me today–it’s a batik image on fabric that has been mounted and framed. I’d been admiring it for awhile, and bought it spur-of-the-moment today. I love it!

I snagged some great stuff–tons of records, patterns, pictures….

The garden is in full swing, and I planted a few new things this past weekend–and they’re already popping up!

We’ll be canning this weekend–the first time for Hubby, so should be a good time! 

Hope you have a beautiful weekend–what are your plans?

This Week

It’s been a good week–still a little slow on the orders-front, but that’s normal for June.  A few come in here and there, and so I get those done immediately, and then back to new items, new styles, new adventures.

A pair of ruffle leggings was made and shipped off to Canada:


A capelet found a new home:


A new style of dress was created (and I’m in LOVE)–it’s a lovely lightweight black gauze over a black cotton lining, and I CANNOT WAIT to get it onto a model for fit and better pictures:


Another stack of crop tops for the upcoming lakefront shoot:


The second of three shirts for a friend’s order:


A new tattered lace collar:


And a tattered fabric boa:


(also a couple of new shirts for myself snuck their way in)

As I sewed away, I listened to:


–“Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King–this is a follow-up to “The Shining”, one of my all-time favs of King’s.  You find out what happened to Danny, and it’s a fabulous story.  Lives up to the original, and satisfies all those “I wonder what happened to…” questions from the first.  I really enjoyed it–having a good book on cd to listen to makes ALL the difference when sewing.  Makes me more anxious to get back into the studio every morning!


–“Edwin of the Iron Shoes” by Marcia Muller–I had no idea that this book was from 1977, until the lead character put on a “tailored denim pantsuit” to go to an interview.  That had me wondering, but what REALLY got me was when another character was described to be wearing a leisure suit.  Good story, kept my interest.  Not on the same level as “Doctor Sleep”, but interesting nonetheless.


Where I’ve Been

Or, rather, what I’ve been up to, since where I’ve been (the studio and the garden) hasn’t really changed.

I’ve been sewing up a few shirts for a friend’s order (that blue jersey is one of my FAVORITE fabrics of all-time.  I made myself a shirt with it, and it’s just sooooooo comfy and soft!):


Turning a big ol’ stack:


Into a bunch of these:


And sewing up a pair of shorts (WHAAAAT?  I never sew shorts!):


The shirts and the shorts are being made for a soon (I hope) shoot I have in the works with one of my amazingly talented model-friends.  Just a low-key shoot, probably along the lakefront.  I’m in love with the shirts, and want to have a whole slew of them up in the shops soon–but they just look so lackluster on the dress forms!  They change dramatically when on a human form.  Also–a great excuse to get out of the studio and go have some FUN!

I have a number of shoots in the works right now–can’t wait to get going on them all!

Happy Monday–I know it’s not the norm to enjoy a Monday, but I always kind of do (don’t smack me).  It always feels a little like a fresh start, and I have an extra bounce in my step as I go about planning the week.

This Week

As mentioned, I’ve been sewing like a mad-woman, getting ready for Sunday’s (SUNDAY!!!) shoot.

I’ve not snapped too many photos.

Well, I have, but I can’t share them all.  I’m hell-bent on creating a video of the process of putting this shoot together, so I’m hoarding images I’ve been taking.  It’ll be more of a slideshow set to music….but I’m calling it a video.  I might even call it a MOVIE.  A FILM.  I’ll be a Filmmaker, and pick up smoking again.

Or I’ll just make a slideshow to music and call it a day.

Probably the latter.  I’m tired.

So, anyway.  Sewing!  This:


Turned into This:


And This is technically from last week, but it was in my pictures folder so HERE:


Also:  the giraffe dress has shipped off to its new home!


I’ll miss it.  *sniffle*

The Weekend

Shots from over the weekend:

Working on some sideshow-banner-inspired artwork for an upcoming shoot:


This is the second one, which you can barely see (even with the wacky editing filter I used), but I had to share it due to the Buster Keaton photo-bomb:


The arugula in the garden was just BEGGING me to make one of our fav salads, Arugula-Fennel:


Requisite Garden Photos:



We worked a lot in the yard, as evidenced by the mountain of limbs/fronds/weeds that we left behind:


Quiet Week

I’ve been taking it easy, sewing for myself and re-grouping.


I decided to put all the custom orders back up, so if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time.

I planted some sweet oat grass for Lizzie.  When it got long enough for her to chomp on, I brought it onto “her” sun-porch and she promptly climbed into it, effectively smooshing and killing all the grass in the middle of the pot. :/


I worked in the yard and found the new crop of Devil’s Horse grasshopper babies masquerading as a toupee. (I have NO idea if that’s the right name–it’s just what my family has always called them)


Also, the first of the cherry tomatoes ripened (and were promptly eaten after this picture).


I did whip up a few new items for the shop.  A pinstriped tunic top:


And a Mardi Gras peplum skirt (so out of season, but it was in the stack of things to sew):


Oh!  And I got my new ironing board cover (I treat myself to a new one every year)!


(this is from the etsy shop Compelled To Craft, and I highly recommend shopping with them–this is my third from them, and I have loved each one.  Great quality, great prints.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/compelledtocraft)

As a few orders have already rolled in today, I’ll be back to normal production work next week!  I don’t know if my self-imposed vacation was long enough…..but it sure was getting awfully quiet in the shop. 😉

This Week

I keep forgetting what day it is this week.

I also decided to reintroduce caffeine.

THAT’S the kind of week it’s been.

So far, I’ve:

Finished up an Alice order.


Made a new Dieselpunk military capelet.


Created a super ruffly red and white striped choker.


Made a beautiful silk brocade capelet.


And spent many, many hours putting together sketches, images, prices and a full proposal for a really cool job. (SPOILER:  I didn’t get it–but I did give myself a ton of new ideas for future offerings and a potential photo shoot)


I feel like I should have more accomplished by today….maybe I need to give myself some slack?

This Week

You may have noticed that my shops are all on vacation this week.  Only a temporary hiatus while I catch up on orders and regroup a bit.  I expect to be back up and running in a couple of weeks.

As mentioned, I’m using this time to catch up on orders.  But FIRST, I had to complete the doll pairing for my nieces:


A red chiffon skirt/dress (shown as a dress since is so LOOOOOOONG):


A couple of sparkly cowl-neck tunics flew off to the UK:


An Alice dress is in the works for a lucky actress:


And a striped tunic, bustle and military hat came off the machines, too:


All-in-all, a productive week so far.  Hope yours is going well, too!