TnT Tuesday

I am happy to report that I now have a shop on etsy (which you already knew about, of course) AND on rebelsmarket.  Check it out:

As of now I just have custom/made to order items up over there–testing the waters.

I’ll keep my etsy shop around, of course, but rebelsmarket seems like a good venue, and allows me to reach a new market.

On that note, today’s feature is up for purchase in either shop–Black and White Striped Leggings:


I offer these in both a full and capri length.


They’ve been pretty popular, and I have a stack of new material to try out–a narrower stripe in black and white as well as a red and white stripe.


I’ll get some made some day….you know, when I get all those extra hours I need?


You can find the leggings in either of my shops:


Model: Nancyjane ( )

Hair and Make Up by Amanda Bravender
For inquiries:


20s Inspired

Some pretty for your Monday–a tad later in the day, and a bit of a drive-by, as I am preparing for a couple of house guests!  Enjoy the 20s inspired fashion editorial images, and I’ll be back tomorrow.













Dame Judi Dench.


I hope you know of her.


Because she’s amazing.

Scanned Document

I was lucky enough to see her live in London, on stage in “Amy’s View”. *swoon*


I remember it was towards the end of my trip, it was January, and I had a bad cough.


She walked on stage, and the breath literally caught at the back of my throat.


I don’t know if I really paid attention to anything other than “OMG–THAT’S JUDI DENCH! If I was completely insane, I could rush the stage and TOUCH JUDI DENCH!!!”.


Well, that’s not true. That only lasted for a few minutes. Then the amazing show and her performance took over, and I was enthralled.

Except for that one minute where I started the involuntary cough–you know the one. When you really, really don’t want to cough, but there is literally NOTHING YOU CAN DO to make it stop? When, you try your hardest, but it just won’t stop? I had my trusty roll of Halls with me, but I couldn’t get to it quickly enough.


I remember a gentlemen in front of me in the audience turning around with that look on his face. The “Really?? Dame Judi Dench is on stage and YOU’RE going to sit there COUGHING????” look. As if I had a choice. It was terrible.

Gladly, it only lasted a minute or less.


I wish I had waited at the stage entrance after the show. I really do. I’ve heard she is exceptionally sweet and signs autographs and is just a truly wonderful person to her fans.

I just think she’s beautiful and amazing and fabulous.

Judi Dench As Ophelia

One of those women who, in my opinion, has actually gotten lovelier with the passing of time.

I’m not ashamed to say that I envy her hair cut, as well. Oh, how I would LOVE to have those cheekbones and pull off that gorgeous short, short cut!


I believe I’ve loved everything I’ve ever seen her in (barring “Behaving Badly”, which I just cannot get into, no matter how many times I try). I’ve read her follow up autobiography “And Furthermore”, which was extremely enjoyable.

“As Time Goes By” is, by far, my favorite television series of all time. I have all the episodes on dvd, and re-watch the series at least twice a year. I never tire of it.

Short and Sweet

Just a few images to share from a recent photo shoot.


Busy week–still adjusting to the 4am wake up call….


I’m so tired.  So very, very tired.


But these pictures are pretty!  Very, very pretty!

All images by Zoom Photo Studio:!/zoomphotostudio?fref=ts

Hair/Make up/Styling by Hellianna:!/pages/Hellianna/148152491924882?fref=ts

All clothing by me:


–Ashley Darbonne

–Marcella Moss

Vogue Korea

I’m not generally a Vogue kind of girl, but I make an exception for Vogue overseas–especially Vogue Korea.


Every image I have ever seen from Vogue Korea is beautiful.


Beautifully posed, beautiful sets, beautiful fashion, put together in new and gorgeous ways.


So, sit back, scroll through, and enjoy your pretty on this lovely Monday.









Friday Favorite

Today I’m sharing something that you’ll either love or hate.


I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.


See, I have a small collection of Bradley poseable dolls from the 60s and 70s.  You know the ones–cloth, poseable arms, big eyes, flourescent make up, crazily coiffed hair.


I do regular searches on etsy for them.  Sometimes nabbing a really great deal, sometimes crying a little inside because the doll I want is beyond my price range.


One day, I ran across DolliPop Vintage’s shop and I was hooked.

DolliPop Vintage isn’t just selling your grandma’s Bradley doll.  Nosirree.  DolliPop Vintage is selling unique, one of a kind creations MADE FROM Bradley dolls.

I have a love of all things circus, and slightly creepy….yet lovely.  And, when I saw these beauties?


I had to have them immediately.

I ordered them that day, and anxiously awaited their arrival.


Meanwhile, I told everyone I could think of about them.  That was when I realized not everyone shared my love of these two little girls.  Not everyone wanted them in their own home, above their computer screen day in and day out.  Not everyone would stare lovingly at them, speak sweet nothings to them, create stories and outings for them.

To each his own, as they say.


I just cannot imagine a world without these babies of mine.  They’re simply exquisite in person–beautifully painted and seamlessly merged.

DolliPop Vintage has a a number of other beauties in the shop right now–I’m just trying to decide which one will be my next sweetheart to join the gang…..  Daisy, here, is calling my name:

But maybe I should go with Flora and Fauna…they could be the older sisters of my little sailor girls:

Check out the shop–I mean, if you’re not hiding under a table already.

TnT Tuesday


I know I featured a bustier in the last couple of weeks, but I have to tell you–


this is my second favorite bustier of all time.

Repurposed from a t-shirt.  Fully lined in heavy cotton twill.  Grommeted back.


I won’t lie–it’s been in the shop for awhile.  A few years, actually.


I always wonder WHY.  I just think it’s so cool.


If it fit me, trust me, I’d keep it.

I really love that image, the color, the texture of a well-worn t-shirt….


You can find it here:

Images featuring a model:

Photographer:  Underexposed Photography
Model:  Hillary Nelson

Darker Side of Things


Some pretty for your Monday.


I initially started out looking for Dark Victorian inspired images, but that quickly devolved into “Ooooo!  That’s pretty!” territory.


So, you take what you get. 😉


I’m off to work on some orders, as usual.


A peplum, a tunic, and some ruffled leggings are all in my near future.


In talks with a potential customer regarding a pretty cool costume…..


Also:  totally rearranged three rooms of my house yesterday, after proclaiming I would rest and relax all day.


It’s still not done to my liking, but it’ll do for the week at least.


Was your weekend productive?


I hope so.  I hoe you have a lovely day, too–filled with random fashion images!  Oh, wait–MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Well, there, you can strike one thing off your to-do list for the day.


This Week

This week started out with finishing up a couple projects–a pair of ruffled boy shorts (I’m extremely smitten with these, btw and I’ll be offering these in the shop as soon as I can get a photo shoot set up):


My final Kahlan Mother Confessor bustier replica!  I’m really happy with this.  It took a lot longer than I expected it to, but I took extensive notes and wrote out and drafted my pattern immediately after completing, so that I can (hopefully) make it in MUCH less time the next time around (and I already got an order for another full Kahlan costume, so we’ll find out in a few weeks):


Then on to a dress for a photo shoot.  The dress started out as just the base, and looked like this pre-fitting:


After the fitting, the dress became just a tad bit shorter (ha!  I have SHIRTS longer than this thing):


And then the draping began!  I didn’t snap pictures of every single version (trust me, you should thank me for that), but I have a couple.  Here’s one version that I liked an awful lot, but ended up being too bulky for what the client is going for:


A little less bulky, but still too much fabric:


Though I really liked the back of this one–I’m a fiend for a bustle (even if it’s not REALLY a bustle):


And, the final result (pre-hand sewing):



I’m currently trying madly to finish that baby up so that I can make a head piece and another pair of ruffled bloomers to go with it by SUNDAY.  *gulp*

Wish me luck.

And send chocolate.  And caffeine.


I have a confession.


I haven’t actually watched a lot of Elizabeth Taylor’s movies.  I’ve seen “National Velvet”, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (amazing performance), “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof”, “Father of the Bride” and “Father’s Little Dividend”, and the 1943 “Jane Eyre” where she plays Helen.  That’s not a lot of her films, when you consider her life’s work.


However, Elizabeth Taylor was always known to me.  How, I’m not sure.  Maybe it was being a child of the 80s–she was always seen in pictures with those childhood favorites of mine (Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc).  She was just always there.


And I could never take my eyes off of her.


Love her, hate her, think she’s a genius, or a crazy person, you can’t deny–she has your attention when she’s on screen.


It’s not just that she is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.  It’s not just those eyes (those eyes!).


She has that certain something.  That something you can’t put into words, you can’t put your finger on.  You just know it when you see it.


She always seemed like a good soul to me.  She seemed to truly love and care for those around her, and to truly want to make a difference.

“Big girls need big diamonds.”


“I don’t like my voice. I don’t like the way I look. I don’t like the way I
move. I don’t like the way I act. I mean, period. So, you know, I don’t like


“I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m mother courage.”