Official Photos

The Official Photos from the Mardi Gras shoot are in!  Just in time for the season, as Fat Tuesday is almost upon us (one week from tomorrow!).

All items are now available (ready to ship or made to order) in my shop.

Photography by Underexposed Photography.

Hair & Make Up by Amanda Bravender

Models:  Yuri Sisson & Nancy Jane

Clothing & Accessories by Trapped In Time Designs

Just a sampling–the light was so perfect and the sky so blue this day!

Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 001 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 009 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 018 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 019 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 024 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 027 Underexposed Photography-Trapped inTime Designs-Amanda Bravender-Yuri-Nancy 035

Mardi Gras Shoot

After a long (looooooooong) and unintentional blog-hiatus, I’m back!

Really, that was a long time to be away.

Blame instagram–it’s so much easier to post a picture with a one-liner, and go about my merry way.

Also:  business has been pretty kick ass since before Halloween, and I’ve been busy sewing (and upgrading my studio).

I figured some images from a Mardi Gras themed shoot I did this week would be in order for my first post back in this cob-web-filled space.

These are just images that I took–I’m anxiously (yet patiently) waiting for the final edits from Underexposed Photography, whom you’ll recognize from past shoots.

Hair & Makeup by AHB Hair & Makeup

Models: Yuri Sisson & Nancy Jane

Clothing & Accessories:  Trapped In Time Designs









Over the Weekend

Over the weekend I had my annual winter knits shoot with a couple of my favorite friends–who also just-so-happen to be an amazing photographer and hair/make up artist, respectively.  I also got to work with one of my favorite models again.  Looking forward to the final images!  I’m always so impatient for those.  I try really hard to not start asking “are they ready yet?” every few hours.

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek:


My inspiration this year had to be, ultimately, scaled waaaay down since I don’t have an old falling-down house, tons of money, or a snow machine.  I started with this idea from a Vogue Korea shoot:


Yeah….that wasn’t going to happen this year.  So, I scaled back and decided to do something similar to last years, with changes  Last year’s looked like this:


That last knit shoot produced some of my favorite ever images.  Britt of Underexposed Photography did this years shoot, too–so I can’t wait to see how amazing the images are!

Hair inspiration this year:


Make up inspiration this year–but without the crazy-creepy eyes.  I wanted her to look beautiful, but slightly frozen, going further with the frozen idea than we did last year.  (Amanda Bravender did hair and make up on my shoot–and she’s amazing, so it looked fabulous):


I can’t wait to start sharing the final images!

Bits and Bangs

Back to the everyday workload.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time getting back to the regularly scheduled programming after our Thanksgiving festivities (and then getting sick for a week).

I have orders in, and am hoping to get a couple special dresses sewn up for my nieces in time for a special Birthday celebration–which means some overtime sewing this weekend.


This lovely tunic (technically one just like it in a different size–it was a made to order item) is on its way to the UK.  I hope it has a happy owner in its future.

I have a ready-to-ship one up in the shop right now, and it’s marked down to $56.25 from $75 for my Winter Sale:


New hair-cut yesterday–I’ve been sporting side-swept bangs for years, and just got the itch to go with the full-on blunt bang.  So far I’m in love.  The verdict is still out on how everything will look with my regular curls.  I generally don’t have the stamina to straighten my hair daily, so the only time it’s done is at the stylists, after a cut.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  I’m hoping for colder temperatures, good sewing, and getting the guest room cleared out for my sister’s impending Christmas visit!

Number Four

I have a little secret about the fourth look.  *I ended up re-styling a dress I showed at my last RAW runway*  Not that people couldn’t recognize that fact themselves just by looking at the dress.  And in all fairness (to me), I did have every intention of making a NEW dress in a different fabric–even had it all cut out (it’s still sitting in pieces on my “sew these someday” pile).  The original idea was this:


The idea was to use this grey stretch suiting I have that has a maroon pinstripe.  Lovely fabric, but I was hesitant to use grey.  It was just so…..grey.  I know, like army green/brown and cream are fascinating colors.  Who knows what it was, but I ultimately decided I didn’t want to use the grey paired with the brocade looks.

So, anyway, this look was originally designed to be that fabulous slinky grey pinstriped dress with a plunging neckline, a brocade under-bust corset, spats and a tattered lace collar.  Of course, the spats took a hike.

I quickly decided to use the brown pinstripe dress instead of making the grey.  Well, maybe not quickly, since I went through the trouble of cutting the dress out, but the decision was made.

The first fitting went well–other than the fact that the corset was 2 sizes too large.  I’m not posting images of that fitting primarily because, well, boobs (ooo–I just opened my blog up to a whole new search category!).  It was discovered at the fitting that this model has more, shall we say, blessings up top than previous models who have worn the dress.  I had thoughts of a tank top for modesty’s sake (though I never really liked the idea too much).  It hadn’t occurred to me that we didn’t try the dress without a bra at that fitting, and luckily we were able to make it work without a modesty panel for the show.

So, after the fitting, I re-made the corset.  I love the under-bust corset–I’ve been wanting to make some for awhile but somehow hadn’t gotten around to it.  I have plans for many more.

Luckily, the dress fit like a glove already so no alterations were needed.

Onto the show!





And the pre-show photo shoot:





Love it!

Clothing by me:

Hair & Make Up by:  Amanda Bravender  For inquiries :

Model:  Ashton Akridge

Photography in final images by:  Underexposed Photography

Third Time’s a Charm

The third look in the show is the one that under-went the most transformations.  I started with one look, changed to a second (that I was never 100% happy with for this show) and completely re-did the entire look at the last minute.  Literally.  My last fitting for this look was the morning of the show.  I finished it up in the hotel room that we had for the event.  I’m now a proud member of the small group of women who have brought sewing machines to their hotel room.  Booyah!

My initial idea for this look was playing off of the lace idea.  It was to be a lace tunic dress–the very top would be lined, but the dress and skirt portion would be sheer.  Since I don’t send naked ladies down the runway, I made a khaki bustier to go underneath.  All that would be paired with ruffled full length leggings, the spats (in brocade) and a tattered lace ruff:


I somehow managed to not take a picture of this look on the dress form.  I think I deleted it accidentally.  Suffice to say, it was pretty much as you see in the sketch (minus the spats).

At the fitting, it…..well……it looked awful.  The top of the tunic was resting inside the top of the bustier, creating what can only be called a shelf above her bust.  It looked so awful that I didn’t even snap a picture of it on the model.  I had had an inkling that this look wasn’t going to work–and maybe I’d just fallen out of love with it by the time I had the fitting.  Maybe I could have made it work, but I was determined that it wasn’t going to.  Either way, I had brought back-up options.  The bustier was great on her, and I brought a pencil skirt (you saw it in my previous RAW show, actually) to pair with it.  The skirt needed many alterations, but was workable.  Everything looked great on her, but it all kind of looked…..the same color.  Her skin, the bustier, the skirt, the shoes….I wasn’t feeling it.


So, I put this look to the back of the queue and just kept moving forward with the others that I was 100% behind.  I figured something would come to me at some point.  Hopefully.  Or else I was screwed.

So, I completed the other looks, and I stressed and I thought and I changed my mind about a ba-zillion times.  Finally, I decided on doing a dress that was similar to my finale look.  I used a brown suiting with a metallic pinstripe for the top, and a cream lace with the soft moleskin under-lay for the skirt.  The underlay is shorter than the overskirt.  The back is grommeted and laces for a better fit (and a little more “staying up” power than a zipper can offer).  I bustled the back of the skirt a bit, too, for volume.  I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Walking the runway:







And a shot from the pre-show photo shoot:


trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-elizabeth-underexposedphotography2 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-elizabeth-underexposedphotography3 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-elizabeth-underexposedphotography4 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-elizabeth-underexposedphotography5

The dress suffered some tearing during the show, so, sadly, it won’t be available for purchase.  However, I can make one to measure and in any color desired.  Contact me for details.

Clothing by me:

Hair & Make Up by:  Amanda Bravender
For inquiries :

Model:  Elizabeth Austin

Photography (final image only):  Underexposed Photography